Yearly Archives: 2010

2010: Another Year Past

About 4 or 5 months ago I was stuck in a wheel chair, I needed a walker just to get around my own house because I could barely stand on my own. The right side of my body was numb and the left side was going paralyzed. I had no sense of balance, I lost the fine motor control of my left hand, I lost my sense of taste, I went blind in half of each eye, I battled restless Leg Syndrome and fatigue along with many other small symptoms that may have not been serious but proved to definitely have been a huge nuisance.

2010 Progress

Below is an archive of my progress entries with multiple sclerosis. I will try to keep it as organized as possible so that those of you who simply want to see how I’m doing can just check in here. Thanks!

2010 December Holidays!


What a great Christmas I had yesterday! In fact, might have been the most enjoyable Christmas I’ve ever had! I didn’t spend Christmas Eve stuck in traffic, rushing around, stressing out, etc. Instead, I got to spend Christmas Eve relaxing with my family and enjoying a nice Christmas Eave dinner! To me, that’s how Christmas should be! Enjoyable!

An Emotional Cold Front

Multiple sclerosis has greatly affected my life in the last five months or so, it has helped me change in so many ways but recently I’ve realized that I need to make something clear. For anyone out there who believes that my MS has caused me to grow calloused and cold, you are wrong. The only thing that has caused me to grow cold is people