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Blog Changes, Messed Up My Back and Blah

mattsms blog archive

Wow! I have been so tired! Fatigued! Whatever you want to call it, I just have not wanted to even move! On top of that my vision has really sucked making me feel really dizzy (more than usual I mean). Either way I have been trying to push through it and actually get stuff done

I’ll be Working on This Blog

under construction

OK, so here is the deal. When I switched to this new domain (from mattsms.com to mattsmultiplesclerosis.com) I had “big plans” for some new stuff but I never did anything with it because this year has just been so rough on me with my health so I totally dropped the ball. Now that I will

OK, Done Talking About Feeling Like Crap…

I Drew a Cat

As I sat down to write this post I looked at all my notes about what I wanted to talk about… they are all about not feeling well and that made me think, “All I have really talked about since the beginning of 2015 is how I don’t feel well”. Well guess what, nothing has

Couldn’t Sleep – Not Insomnia This Time

The night before last sucked. I could not sleep but for once it was not because of insomnia! No, my parents are out of town and my brothers decided to have friends over and let’s just say volume control at 3am was an issue. I probably got about 2 hours of sleep, collectively, not all

Is Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) Chemotherapy?

Is Lemtrada Chemo

When I was first thinking about using Lemtrada for treating my Multiple Sclerosis this was the first question that came to mind. So many people told me that yes, Lemtrada was chemo. Then a bunch of people started telling me that no, it wasn’t! I could not seem to find a straight answer but I

Blurry Vision, Lemtrada, Ocrelizumab

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.48.22 AM

So I had two days of feeling OK, by which I mean not miserable haha… But now everything feels out of whack again. I think it’s because on Tuesday I saw my neurologist which meant leaving the air conditioned house into triple digit weather… I also ran a couple errands on the way and I

What a Week!..

Seems like I have only been posting about how awful I have been feeling, well… I still don’t feel great but nothing like before. I had cut my Zoloft in half a week or two back and my doctor felt I would be fine since I was already on the lowest dose (50mg) but while

Writing, Prednisone, SSI and Wii Fit

Wii Fit Vestibular Physical Therapy

OK this post is going to be broken up kind of weird; I have been writing little notes on sticky notes to remind me of what I want to mention here because my blog has been so uninformative for the last year or so, I just can’t seem to sit down at the end of

Been Taking a Break from Existing…


I have not been feeling so great… I am no longer even sure if I am relapsing or not! It’s just been a steady decline for the last couple of months if you ask me… I have felt not only fatigued but lethargic… the other day I felt like all my muscles at been worked

I’m Sinking


I am sitting here feeling like I have actually hit rock bottom in my life but I don’t want to declare that because it can always get worse and with my luck? It would the moment I say that I have hit rock bottom. I spent a lot of time yesterday just sitting in my